PandeVITA Newsletter | April 2023

PandeVITA Newsletter | April 2023


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The PandeVITA project is coming to an end. In June, we will hold our final conference on "Sustainable collaboration processes in pandemic times". In the meantime, PVITA, our app, is being tested in the Netherlands and Turkey. We are very excited about the results from the pilot phase! PandeVITA staff have also been to a number of conferences since February and have received consistently positive feedback. We are very happy that the project is gaining momentum towards the end and that we are able to present the results of two years of work more and more to the public. You can read more details about these exciting events here.


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Lutz Peschke (coordinator)
Noemi Kolloch, Janina Scholz for the PandeVITA consortium




In February, there were transnational focus group events for the Pandevita dashboard. Now the PVITA app will be tested by a larger number of users over a longer period of time.

Participants from Tilburg University in the Netherlands and Bilkent University in Turkey will test the app for its functionality, how user-friendly it is, whether the gamification elements are practical and also how the integration with the dashboard is.


The pilot phase will be monitored scientifically and evaluated afterwards. The results will also be represented at the final conference in Ankara. Overall, it is expected that the users will be able to understand PVITA quickly, evaluate it as useful but also as entertaining, and assess whether such apps can be the solution in the future.


Within the project, the pilot phase of the app is one of the last major activities for PandeVita. The work of almost two years will be tested and reviewed by a larger group of people.


The third animated video by PandeVITA will be about data and data security. As before, a cheerful animation will be used to address and illustrate the very important topics.


Our PVITA app is available for all Android users in the Google Play Store. The current version of our app has a better link to the Dashboard. The dashboard generates short news stories about the pandemic, which can be accessed through the app. To improve the app's functions, Tilburg and Bilkent Universities are launching a pilot phase. Many users are testing the app for weeks and will be asked about their satisfaction. The results of the pilot phase will be used to revise the app again. There is news regarding the dashboard. More bugs have been removed. A manual has been written to make the use of the dashboard more transparent for the addressees. In addition, there are tutorials that explain the use of the dashboard step by step. These are linked on the PandeVITA website so that they are accessible to interested citizens.




As the final event of our Horizon2020 project funded by the European Union, the international PandeVITA conference "Sustainable collaboration processes in pandemic times" hosted by Bilkent University in Ankara will take place on 8-9 June 2023. The conference wants to bring together academicians and practitioners to discuss approaches, results and experiences in the context of sustainable knowledge exchange from different perspectives. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown the urgent need for efficient and effective communication and cooperation processes between the five systems of science/education, politics, business, the media-based and culture-based public, and the natural environment of societies. A prerequisite for joint sustainable development is, however, the early involvement of the media public in knowledge exchange processes. Therefore, papers from all disciplines and systems are welcome which contribute to better preparedness for the next pandemic, and beyond. The deadline for abstract submission is the 30 April 2023. Accepted papers will be published in an international proceeding book. For more information, please visit our conference website.


PandevitA @ Conferences

PandeVITA @ Conferences

At the end of March, our coordinator Lutz Peschke was given the opportunity to present the results of PandeVITA at the event " Pandemic Management and Preparedness: Telemedicine and the Role of Innovative Technologies in Securing a Safer Future" at the European Parliament. The event was organised by our partner EAMBES in cooperation with MEP Stelios Kympouropoulos, to whom we would like to express our sincere thanks.

In addition, our coordinator Lutz Peschke participated successfully in a panel discussion at the PCST Conference "Creating common ground" in Rotterdam this month. Since 1989 the PCST network has been brought together various science communication actors at conferences worldwide with the aim of supporting researchers and practitioners to create a collaborative network to solve current global societal problems. The panel discussion focused on how journalists can improve science engagement between scientists and stakeholders. Lutz Peschke explained the Quintuple Helix approach, according to which innovation can only be developed in a sustainable way within collaborative knowledge exchange between the five systems of academia, economy, politics, media- and culture-based society as well as the natural environment of the society. In relation to PandeVITA, he presented a study on citizen engagement in health communication processes using media platforms. The study revealed that review processes of (citizen) journalistic content through scientists, citizens, and science journalists not only increased the trustworthiness of the journalistic media content but supports the collaborative knowledge exchange between citizens and science.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020

research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 101006316.