PandeVITA Newsletter | May 2022

PandeVITA Newsletter | May 2022


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since our last newsletter, many things have happened here at PandeVITA. As the world gets more and more back to normal life bevor the Corona crisis, our research is more important than ever. With our database, we can figure out how to use knowledge for a pandemic setting, especially with the factor of citizen participation.


This use of citizen science will be enabled in part by our app, which we launched internally this month. The app will use a gamification aspect to get users to engage with the app and generate useful data for science and research. In this newsletter, we will go into more detail on this aspect as well as on the various conferences that our members have attended in the last period, such as the Privacy Symposium in Venice.


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Lutz Peschke (coordinator)
Julius Hekkala, Noemi Kolloch for the PandeVITA consortium


To promote the participation of citizens in science, we have developed an app in which citizens collect data for science in order to combat pandemics in the future. It was designed to be playful in order to encourage citizens to engage with the app.


The PandeVITA app uses proximity detection and detects nearby players. It also sees whether the players are “infected” or not. While playing, the user gets or loses points based on the proximity detection. If the player has collected a significant number of points, they will be displayed on a scoreboard.


The user can also see static viruses around the user location. The PandeVITA app is also intended to enable collaboration. This allows users to create teams or join others to play together.


All in all, the findings of the app can serve as important blueprints for future action in pandemic crises.


Privacy Symposium in Venice

Aiming to disseminate and discuss the results of the first half of the project with peers, the PandeVITA consortium co-organized a Workshop on Health Data Protection and Compliance within the scope of the Privacy Symposium on April 4-7, 2022 in Venice, together with Sébastien Ziegler, International President of the IoT Forum and European Center for Certification and Privacy and other Horizon research projects like GATEKEEPER, ODIN and TRUSTaWARE.


With 78 sessions, the conference gave the floor to 245 experts in data protection, including national authorities, European institutions, and international organizations. It brought together about 500 registered participants plus 350 remote participants, in line with its ambition to support international dialogue, cooperation and knowledge-sharing. During the conference PandeVITA team members like Francisco Lupiáñez-Villanueva and Frans Folkvord (both Open Evidence), Leandro Pecchia (EAMBES), Giuseppe Fico and Eugenio Gaeta (both UPM) as well as Seldağ Güneş Peschke (Ankara Yıldırım Beyazit University) presented research result


Pandevita @ Conferences

Two papers about PandeVITA research results are accepted from the online annual conference of IAMCR (International Association of Media and Communication Research) in Bejing which is held on 11-15 July 2022. Frans Folkvord (Opem, Lutz Peschke, Yasemin Gümüş Ağca, Francisco Lupiáñez-Villanueva will talk about “Panacea contact tracing? A pilot study in the Netherlands and Turkey to assess public preferences for the adoption for a COVID-19 tracing app.” In the working group “Environmental, Science and Risk Communication”. Seldağ Güneş Peschke present the topic “Data Processing via Smart Phone Applications During the Pandemic Within Data Protection Regulations in Different Countries” in the section “Law”.

A paper about “Disinformation and Legal Dimensions in Cookie Policies of Websites” by Seldağ Güneş Peschke, Lutz Peschke and Aysın Aydoğdu (Ozmangazi Universizy Eskişehir) submitted to the Conference “Disinformation in Internet” hosted by Ankara Social Science University was accepted. The paper will be presented on May 16, 2022 in Ankara.

PandeVITA received TÜBITAK Award

On March 21-22, 2022, the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBITAK) executed the Horizon Europe Launch Event in Istanbul. Within the scope of this event, 29 Turkish coordinators were awarded. Lutz Peschke from the Department of Communication and Design got his award for his successful coordination of the Horizon 2020 project PandeVITA. The Turkish Minister of Industry and Technology, Mustafa Varank, and the EU Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education, and Youth, Mariya Gabriel gave opening speeches and appreciated the activities of Turkish Horizon project coordinators. The award was given to Lutz Peschke by Prof. Dr. Hasan Mandal (TÜBITAK president), Signe Ratso (Deputy Director-General, DG Research, and Innovation European Commission), Mehmet Fatih Kacır (Turkish Vice Minister for Industry and Technology), and Bülent Özcan (Ministry of Foreign Affairs Directorate for EU Affairs).


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020

research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 101006316.